Depth Experience in Mount & Blade 2 Bannerlord (Keep Upgrading)

Here is a PDF file version. (Because i usually write locatelly on my laptop and then transfer it to a blog version.)

A walkthrough with all component that I haven’t experienced.

I have been playing for Mount & Blade 2 Bannerlord for 500 hours. 450 hours of it is single player mode. These days, I watched the live streaming of a modder. He is the game designer in a mod developing group. He has a really through experience in Mount & Blade series. I guess he has the game time for nearly 15000 hours total.

This game has a unique mode, Birth and Death. It makes the NPCs have the possibility to die during the game. Like the hero’s friends in an RPG game will die randomly. I was always questioned about this function. I thought it would annoy the player when they lose an important NPC. But I even didn’t experience it. So, for my next save in Mount & Blade 2, my goal will be playing all function. Not defeating all other countries anymore.

I will list some function I haven’t experienced. I will also record my feeling when I did that.

  • The death of one NPCs
  • The death of one clan member.
  • A child in my clan grows up.
  • Build a country and then give up the King position.
  • Using a crossbow. The perks of crossbow.
  • Using a javelin. The perks of javelin.
  • Playing in English.
  • Battle on foot all the time.
  • Using the Vlandia, Sturgia, Aserai, Khuzait soldiers
  • Go through the Design Set
  • Joining the Sturgia for the first Kingdom
  • Keep the skills in my party low. Make our hero weak as other AI lords.
  • Walking through the streets of every town. Seeing what is the difference between each country.
  • The experience of each mission.
  • Can I gain money from escort trader mission?
  • Let the female member in my clan get married
  • War fog function
  • Asking the Tavern Keeper to find the NPC with specific skills
  • Other function of the Tavern Keeper.
  • Become the champion on Tournament Leaderborad and see what rewards can do.

War Fog Function


More realistic. I need to meet each hero to obtain their detailed information.

I also need to meet each NPC in person to know what their skills is. This function has the coordination with function 18

Meanwhile, I can also get their location by Encyclopaedia page. The War Fog function won’t increase the difficulty of the game and annoy players.

Influence on finding the wanderer

It’s a little hard to find the wanderer with specific skills right now. I cannot guess the skills from their names. Asking the Tavern Keeper is the fastest way. This method is not always work. Tavern keeper only knows the wanderer in their country. To gather the required wanderer, players need more time in version 1.1.0.

Asking the Tavern Keeper to find the NPC with specific skills

This function isn’t useful at all before v1.1.0. Player can just check the NPC’s specific skills in the Encyclopaedia.

After v1.1.0, because of the War Fog function, player need to talk with the Tavern Keeper to get the information of the NPCs. The Tavern Keeper will tell which town is NPCs staying. This improves the empathy with player and the main character. It also makes the character Tavern Keeper useful and engaging in this game.

However, an experienced player may guess what NPCs’ skills are from there name. By this way. The Tavern Keeper is not useful again.

A more detail. The Tavern Keeper in one country can only know the information in this country. Players need to travel to other countries’ towns if they want to find more NPCs.

Maybe there will be a small bug. What if one NPC always stay in a different country where the player is? Player can find him anymore?

Players can also ask the Tavern Keeper for who can offer them a work. The Tavern Keeper will tell the player that a VIP in this town have a side quest. However, this information can be easily found when player enter the town by the small exclamation mark under the name of VIP. So this function when talking with tavern keep is not useful right now.


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