Analysis of the Character’s Combat Cction Rhythm – Honkai Impact 3rd


After studying the article How to Break Through the Limits – The Experience of Action Development of Moonlight Blade in Tencent Institute of Game, the concept of combat action rhythm mentioned in the article triggered me to analyze the Honkai Impact 3rd.


Combat action rhythm refers to a period of multiple combos of a character, carefully assigning the time interval between each attack action so that the entire combo action has a kind of rhythm. It makes the action more striking, the player may feel the freshness and excitation in the action combo. Just like pop music. This makes me come up with the idea that the combat action in Honkai Impact 3rd, the leader of ACT mobile games, may also have a very good rhythm.

Therefore, I took one character, Raiden Mei, as an example, and analyzed the rhythm of her combo action with recorded videos, screenshot, calculation of durations, statistics, and diagrams.

Analysis Process

Because of the character system of Honkai Impact 3rd, Mei has multiple sets of combat methods (actions). I chose 3 of them, Striker Fulminata, Shadow Dash, and Crimson Impulse. Then select the Penta-slash combo to facilitate horizontal comparison. The steps are as follows: (Take Shadow Dash as an example)

Step 1: Record a game video. The FPS of the game was 60 frames, so the recorded video was also at 60 FPS. Because the entire time of Penta-slash was short, it was hard to measure with a clock. So I counted the frames of the duration between each slash with a video editor. 

The reason that the demo video on the official website was useless is that the frame rate cannot be guaranteed.

Step 2: Identify each slash. Here I chose the mid moment of each action to normalize.

Step 3: Start from the 0th frame, read out the numbers of frames, and finally calculate the interval and draw the diagram.

The frame interval between each slash


Honkai Impact 3rd has ingeniously designed the combat action rhythm of these three Penta-slash of Mei. It is not as plain and drowsy as the slogan of eye exercises is 1—2—3—4—, instead, it uses 1-2–3-4—5—. This is more rhythmic that enhances the experience of the player’s sense of comfort during the game. Other characters also have different rhythms, Mei, who has a fast-paced combat rhythm, her slashes’ intervals are generally short. This feature is related to Mei’s weapon, a Katana, and her characteristic design, who has an inner active and irritable personality. Comparing with another character, Murata Himeko, whose weapon is a two-handed sword, her combat action has longer attack intervals, which also matches her calmness and maturity.


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