Observing a New Player in Counter Stirke

As a player with 2700 hours of experience in Counter Strike: Global Offensive, I strongly believe that the game is incredibly challenging and demands extensive practice to master. It requires players to develop expertise in three crucial areas – mechanics, tactics, and strategy – to effectively navigate the game’s complexities.

Reference from Hi-Rez Studios’ Andrew Yoder’s GDC Talk
  • Mechanics Skills in CSGO: reaction speed, crosshair placement, movement
  • Tactics Skills in CSGO: Utility combination to attack a bombsite
  • Strategy Skills in CSGO: Clutch, Anti-Eco, Change attacking strategy based on previous round

However, my opinion about CSGO changed after I introduced my friend to the game and witnessed her becoming interested in it.

A New Player’s Experience

20th February

We are both game design students and have worked on a game analysis assignment together. In that assignment, I describe the rules and the game flow of CSGO.

15th March

I gave her a brief history of the Counter-Strike series from its earlier versions to Global Offensive.

28th March Lunch Time

I showed her a community-made 3D animation movie and the official trailer, which she found engaging and informative. When I showed her an example of the most expensive skins in CSGO, she was shocked. I explained that the rarity of a special pattern on the skin is what makes it expensive. She found the idea of different patterns on skins to be awesome and expressed her desire to try the game sometime.

28th March Afternoon

I showed her some skins from my inventory and explained their differences, and we watched a video about getting gold items from opening cases, which got her excited to try opening one.

At 5 pm, she played her first match in CSGO, and we started with the Arm Race mode as it allows for immediate respawns and is easier for beginners. After two matches, we switched to the Demolition mode for three matches before trying the Casual mode. She enjoyed playing on the Dust 2 map for four matches and found playing on the CT side easier since it required less map knowledge. I suggested that she use the P90 as the easiest gun and the M4A1-S as the best rifle.

We then moved on to the Competitive mode, playing on three different maps for the first three matches, but switching between maps each time made it difficult for her to memorize and feel accomplished. For our fourth match, we chose only Dust 2. I encouraged her by showing her the corner is the best place for an SMG, and helping her get more kills. It paid off! Though she only killed 4-5 opponents in 16 rounds, she was excited and felt she was improving. She played until late at night on her first day of CSGO.

During the game, she struggled to kill opponents with automatic guns. She thought she had to click the mouse rapidly instead of holding down the fire key. Once I showed her the correct technique, she started getting more kills and having more fun!


In summary, the process of her starting to play CSGO can be divided into three steps:

  1. Discovering the game called CSGO.
  2. Being attracted to the vivid and beautiful skins.
  3. Feeling a sense of accomplishment from improving her skills, which kept her playing the game.

This is why CSGO is so fun and attracts so many players. To conclude, I’d like to share a quote from the official CSGO Twitter account.

“Because it takes minutes to understand and a lifetime to master, and the more you invest the greater your returns. The feeling when everything comes together never gets old. Whether it’s a one tap, a perfect spray, a new piece of util, an ace, or a clutch; it’s Counter-Strike.” —– @CSGO


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