Robot Learning User Test

Here is some observations about students’ experience when they using this learning material. The observations are are categorized by the teaching objectives.

Perspective Rotation in Unity

The way I taught the students to move their perspective is to “hold the right click on the mouse, move the mouse to rotate, and use WSAD to move around.” Some students can learn this method quickly because they have played some RPG and FPS games on Roblox. They have even shared their favourite games with me. These third-person games require the player to use WSAD or direction keys to control the character’s movement. They also require players to rotate the perspective by moving their mouse. Students get trained during the game, which makes them familiar with perspective control in Unity fast. In contrast, some students find this method a little hard for them. After the discussion with them, I found that some of them don’t like video games, and some of them don’t have many opportunities to use a computer. This is the first time they have learned to use WSAD or direction keys to control movements. Despite this, they still get familiar with it after a few tries.

First Objective

For the first objective: “Create a Slope,” five students’ creations look like the following images.

For the first four students, the creations were all a stair but not a slope. That’s because I wrote the word “Scope” instead of “Slope” mistakenly in this objective. And when I tried to explain the objective to them, I said: “This objective means you need to build a road to the next platform, like a stair.” So my words influenced their creation. During the instruction of the fifth student, I realized the effect of my explanation and changed the mistake of “Slope.” As a result, she understood the objective clearly and built a slope.

Second Objective

Here is the second objective students’ creation:

Third Objective

For the third objective, it is a coding part. I taught them by showing the codes on another computer, and they typed the code by copying. Meanwhile, I explained the function of each line. Because this is almost their first time learning coding, the difficulty shouldn’t be too high. Just typing the existing code and making it work is already enough for now. During the coding objective, I noticed that one student was not very proficient with computers. It appeared that he was still learning how to type using all ten fingers on the keyboard. Although he typed slowly, he was determined to develop good typing habits and avoided using only his two forefingers to type quickly. All the students did the coding part perfectly.

Fourth Objective

Here is the fourth objective students’ creation:

When the students tried to start this objective, nearly all of them would ask, “What does this ‘Dodge moving barricades’ mean? Where are the moving barricades?” Only after I explained, “There are no barricades right now, you need to create one moving barricade,” would they understand the objective. Thus, the description of this objective seems incorrect and confusing. I may need to change it to “Create some moving barricades and test if the robot can get across by dodging them.”

For the coding part in this objective, I also let them copy from the existing scripts. P.S. I got this code from ChatGpt.

The point A and point B in this sub-level mean the barricades will move between A and B repeatedly. Almost all the students create the moving route vertical to the main road. I was wondering, what if I changed the main road to the S format? Would they try to make some moving route at different angles?

Fifth Objective

Only one students achieve this part due to the time limit on each crouse. To clearify what this student did, I add the default situation image.


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