[Fruit Boom] 3 Level Design

Air Level Design

The air level consists of three different sized spheres. The smaller spheres are located inside the largest sphere, with the smallest sphere acting as the final platform. The medium spheres have holes which allow players to pass through them. In this image, the red sphere represents the final platform, the white sphere is the medium sphere, and the circular curves represent the largest sphere.

The biggest sphere acts as the boundary for these levels, and there are no holes on this sphere.

Gravity changing mechanics

Gravity-changing mechanics are present in this level. Normally, the gravity does not point towards the final platform, causing players to stand on the outside of the white spheres, similar to the gravitational pull of a planet. However, after the game begins, the gravity will change and point towards the biggest sphere. This is similar to the anti-gravity technique used in real life.

Factory Level

The factory level consists of conveyor belts, barbed wires, and robotic arms, all located inside a large cube. During the game, the cube will rotate so that each of the six faces of the cube can serve as the ground for the level. It should be noted that the gravity in this level always points from top to the bottom.

Initially, I built this level with only one face as the ground, as shown in the image.

The purple rectangle represents the size of the character. The small red cube in the center of the image represents the final platform, while the blue play is the trampoline.

After building the level with one face as the ground, I rotated the entire cube to design the second face as the new ground for the level.

The green rectangular is the lower obstacle that Allow the character to shooting a cross above it. The yellow rectangular is the higher obstacles that have the maximum height which character can jump on.

While designing the second face as the new ground for the level, I encountered some conflicts with the platforms from the first face. To resolve this issue, I adjusted the platforms on the first face so that they would also be useful and playable when the second face was the ground. Additionally, some platforms on the first face were turned into walls when designing the second face.

After this, I rotated the cube once again to design the third face as the new ground for the level.

For the third face of the level, I followed a similar process as I did for the second face. I adjusted some of the platforms and obstacles from both the second and first phases. However, as I added more platforms and obstacles, I noticed that the level was becoming too complicated, and players would likely become lost. To address this issue, I added some glass materials to certain platforms. This allows players to see through them, providing a visual reference of their location within the level and making it easier for them to navigate.

Stage Level Design

The idea for the stage level was inspired by the amusement park level in Nier Automata.

This level consists of three main parts: the stage, the auditorium, and the light shelf. The stage is located in the middle and is surrounded by the auditorium. Above the middle of the stage in the air is the light shelf. The red one in the top down image is the auditorium, the blue area is the stage, and the green one is the light shelf.

Within the auditorium area of the stage level, there are several trampolines represented by soft sofas. Players can use these trampolines to jump onto the top of the light shelf.

There are also spotlights located under the stage and light shelf that will damage the character if they are caught in the spotlight.

On the stage, there will be a large AI-controlled robot moving around and attacking the player randomly. The robot will swing a large blade, causing damage to the character.


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