[Fruit Boom] VFX Design

After solving all the technical problems, I started designing the visual effects. Initially, I created a scene where water drops into a sunken pit and splashes in all directions. However, I encountered a problem with this method since the volume of water splashing was fixed, resulting in a less satisfying and uninteresting effect.

Types of VFX in our game

Therefore, I decided to try a different approach by filling the pit with water and simulating the impact of bullets hitting the surface. This method mimics the way bullets penetrate a human body, and it showed some promising results. However, I still need to work on adjusting the variables as there are many parameters in the fluid simulation section of Blender. To better understand the meaning of each variable, I searched for a tutorial on YouTube and took notes on every part to ensure I won’t forget it later.

My notes

Then I picked some results and put it here. You can see that in some results there are too many waters so that I can’t use this(One at the lower right corner) and some results the fluid looked nice and juicy.


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