Game Review – Metro Exodus

The atmosphere and the environment

The atmosphere and the environment are very well created. It has a strong sense of player immersion. The light and shadows, the changes in the environment after the nuclear war, and the mutation of living creatures and plants represent a real post-apocalyptic world.


The plot makes players feel very comfortable. The human nature of the post-apocalyptic change is portrayed in great detail, with cannibalism, dictatorship, and slavery. The radio silence in Moscow shows a human mentality seeking self-preservation (Similar with the plan to slow down the speed of light for the solar system in Trinity). The protagonist’s “desire to see the outside world”, which is inspired by this plan, is vivid. This is a new storyline written by the author of the original Metro novel.

NPC Design

There are a lot of good NPCs in Metro Exodus, and it succeeds in making the player get attached to them. It also enhances the sense of immersion for a bit. The NPCs have a lot of good firepower that can really hurt the enemy when they are fighting side by side.

Weapon and Equipment

Weapon and equipment system is outstanding. It gives players a strong sense of accomplishment — collecting various parts accessories, repairing, cleaning, and every gun they’ve ever picked up will appear in the base camp. Although not quite realistic, it achieves the player’s desire for collection. Players can have many kinds of custom weapons to choose. Much better than the experience of gathering many guns but the backpack is full. However, the same gear in each different accessories are upgrade relationship, not selection relationship. It reduces the depth of customization.

Art Style

Old school art painting style, The mapping details, subtitles, HUD performance, heritage the previous Metro generations’ art style. It’s friendly to veteran players.

Level Design

While keeping the linear level as the basis, it broaden the scope of playable and choice. It combined the linear level and open world level. Meanwhile, the combination of the two belong to the timeline series.

Very heavy and solid feel of the gun shooting

The huge difference in recoil can be felt between single shot and burst shot. Enemies go down in two shots. It also highlighted the power of each shot and increased the realism of the gun.


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