First Experience in VR – Half-Life Alyx

I tried the VR game Half-life Alyx tonight. AMAZING! AMAZING! AMAZING! I am feeling that my hand is not mine right now. Like my hand was separate from my body, my mind, and typing on the keyboard by itself. I remember what Liu Cixin described in the Three Body novel. The part where humans first enter the 4D universe. “it’s hard to describe the feeling, just amazing.” Stay in the VR world, it seems I was actually experiencing what Alyx, the main character in this game, experienced. Ok, fine. It is a cliché. But it’s really what humans have experienced. Not like any other video games I have played before. I have experienced many game worlds before, and I do feel like I was in that world. However, by playing Half-life Alyx, any sense of realism that existed before seems too unreal here. It brings the imagination in my head into the real world which I can review again and again with my eyes, ears, hands, and feet.

I think this amazing experience was caused by the game Half-life Alyx 70% and VR technology 30%. It was my pleasure to play this game as my first VR game. Moreover, the interaction in Half-life Alyx is stunning. At first, I thought the moving method is teleport was not real. Then I found that this method prevents the long-range walking of the character, which may cause nausea when the character is moving but the player is not. Touching the bottles and handrails. Pushing the doors. Throwing the pieces of bread. The intricacies of this game are all well done and high-polished. Right now, I still feel my hand is not mine. SO That’s why Half-life Alyx is the best VR game recently! And VR do is the future.


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