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High Degree of Freedom

Mount & Blade 2 gives players tremendous freedom in character development. In the beginning, players are free to choose their gender and origin: peasant, merchant, street hustler, squire, fallen nobleman, etc. Upon entering the game, one can choose one’s own direction of development: Forming their own merchant band and honing their commercial skills by running merchants. Or join the ranks of a lord and choose to become a mercenary. Or act as a greenhorn and rid alone in the wilderness. Or become a rising star nobleman and take the oath of allegiance to the King. There are also many other ways waiting for you to explore.

Strong Operability

By judging your current situation, you may allocate soldiers according to the enemy they faced, and form teams by recruiting their favorite soldiers, like cavalry, infantry, or mixed party. At the same time, NPCs with unique backgrounds can be recruited, and they have different occupational tendencies, such as scouts, doctors, warriors, archers, riders, engineers, etc. It will help a lot in your development. In addition, you can improve the combat effectiveness of soldiers and upgrade equipment through battles, then become a powerful party as strong as an ace of one kingdom.

Various fighting styles and strong battle’s atmosphere

Fighting on horseback or foot are both available in the game, and you can easily change your fighting style at any time in one battle. Horse-riding battles are really exciting. The characters hold sharp swords or lances and match at extremely fast speed on the horses. Every slash and stab is accompanied by a huge speed bonus, and the damage reaches the maximum. Meanwhile, fighting on foot requires skills and strategies. The feeling of achievement is much higher than fighting on the horse.

On the battlefield, there is no distinction between heroes and AI soldiers, each soldier may cause a lot of damage to the player. Therefore, during the battle, players need to fight side by side with their soldiers to ensure their survival. Blocking, fake movements, and four-directional attacks all will be useful. Thus, choosing the correct movement and action are extremely important, and this is the skill of Mount & Blade 2’s battle.

The game has a very large-scale battle scene, which can reach up to 500 soldiers against 500 soldiers. The soldiers of both sides will be widely distributed in grasslands, jungles, deserts, snow, mountains, and other terrains. As a commander, the player needs to adjust the formation of the soldiers, arrange the positions of the cavalry, infantry, and shooters. Using the terrain as much as possible to take advantage of the field of vision may be necessary. When the soldiers from both sides continue to line up and finally confront, the kill and death information on the upper left corner of the HUD will make players deeply appreciate the feeling of a meat grinder on the battlefield. At this time, as a member of the battlefield, the player needs to protect himself carefully, and beware of knights penetrating from the side and rear, or a talent sharpshooter.

The music during the battle also contributed a lot to the atmosphere. When you first entered the battlefield, the BGM was peaceful and quiet, describing the situation of carefully marching in the wilderness. When the enemy appears in the field of vision, the rhythm of the music will gradually speed up and become tense, showing that the scouts find the enemy and the whole army is ready for battle. When the two armies confront each other and fight fearlessly, the sound of the music will reach the maximum and be very intense, inspiring the soldiers to fight with blood. In the end, when the victories come, the music becomes light and the soldiers chase the fleeing soldiers in this joyful atmosphere. If the player fails, the music becomes muffled and fades away, foreshadowing the player’s life in prison after being captured.

Short Storyline

The main storyline in the game is very short, just setting a few goals for players. The original intention is for players to lead their own careers during the exploration of the world. But with a high degree of freedom, it is easy for players to feel confused and not know what to do next.

Tedious Late-stage

In the early and high stages of the game, the three elements, exploration, development, and battle are undoubtedly very expressive. Many contents are waiting for the player. However, when the game enters the late stage, the exploration and development have almost been completed. Without the support of the plot, the battle will occupy 80-90% of the game time. Players are in the continuous cycle of defense battle – encounter battle – siege battle. The gameplay becomes relatively boring, and the entire game experience becomes bad.


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