Design Review of My First GameJam


Train hunter is a 4-person party game. One player acts as Hunter, and the other three players will control the trains to fight against the hunter.

Hunter needs to use an arrow rope to catch the three trains that running around on the map and drag the train to the railway.

While running away from the hunter, the goal of the train is to destroy as many objects on the map as possible to earn points. When the points meet the requirements, trains win.

This is a game that I and my teammate designed in CIGA GameJam 2021. I add more details to it and expand the story of it.


A long time ago, like a wild creature, the train ran wantonly on the vast land. From time to time, it would hit towering trees and exposed stones on the ground. As the body of these trains was very tough, the trees and stones hit by trains will be destroyed easily. Sometimes human villages will be invaded by them unintentionally, and the villagers are miserable. Through long-term observation, the national adviser found that the artificial object, the railway, is the natural enemy of the train. When the train touches the railway, it will be tamed not to run recklessly, but walk along the railway. But the trains are afraid of the railway so waiting for the trains to hit the railway by themselves is just a daydream. Thus, the national adviser selected a hunter, equipped him with a special arrow rope, wishing him to drag the train to the railway with brute force and special skills.

Character – Protagonist

Dr. Horse

Train hunters, foresters living in forest farms, wear horse-shaped headgear, which is said to hide his identity to get close to the trains easily. With infinite power, he fantasizes that one day he will be able to conquer the trains of the whole world and become the hero of his kingdom.

Miss. Meow

Living in an unknown small village when she was young. She really admired Dr.Horse and trained hard to be a Train Hunter. She wears a cat’s headgear for camouflage. Her speed makes her do well in previous campaigns.

Character – Antagonist


A member of the EMU from China, with faster speed but slower steering capability.

Steam Train

As the predecessor of the train, using the steam locomotive. It always carries some logs and coal in the carriage, which has a slow speed and slow steering ability. However, after being tied up, it can struggle the hunter easier than others, which can buy more time for your teammates.

Green Old School Train

The original is an ordinary passenger train in China in the last century, with a green body. As a passenger train, the speed can only be regarded as quite satisfactory, but the steering is more flexible. Suitable for walking through tight spaces.


Hunter presses SPACE to shoot the arrow rope and catch the train.

Trains use a single key for movement. The locomotive rotates counterclockwise when pressed down, and moves forward when released.

Use WASD for hunter’s movement. The green, yellow, and red arrows on the HUD point to the three trains from the farthest to the nearest, which is convenient for hunters to locate the trains.

The sign on the HUD indicates the direction of the railway.

Game World


The place used for planting trees is usually located in an uninhabited area in the mountains. Many trees are growing in groups on the map and many stones of different sizes are also there. The foresters have built some small houses in the forest as their patrol bases. Sometimes, they like to mine some small mines to earn some extra money. The boulders in the forest and the rivers passing through it brought great trouble to the ox cart transportation, which slow down the speed of selling mines. To deal with the untamed train, solid railways and platforms were been built.


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