Skills Design of Hero Luna in Honour of Kings – Training from Individual Heroism to Cooperation

Personal Gaming Experience

I came into contact with the Honor of Kings when I was a freshman in high school. This was the first MOBA game I have encountered, and it was also the first team e-sports game. Before that, I have never watched any professional game and had no experience in team cooperation.

When I was just getting started and choosing the heroes that I wanted to practice in the training area, Luna attracted me. My initial feeling was ‘The description of the hero’s skills is so simple, I can understand the literal meaning, and can roughly guess how these skills should be combined. I also have a vague feeling that this hero is very powerful.’ As a Jungler, Luna has a special skill combo. As long as the player’s operation is good enough, she can release her skills an unlimited number of times, thus having the ability to fight against multiple heroes. Then, I searched for teaching video and practised the skill combo over and over again in the training area with my own original method to improve my operation and form muscle memory.

Sure enough, My Luna was unstoppable in the Silver and Gold stages, with a winning rate of nearly 70%. It is easy to fight against 2 or 3 opponents when the two sides’ economy is nearly the same. I can also escape from the gank of multiple opponents. At that time, I was immersed in the joy of carrying and deeply fascinated by the Individual Heroism of fighting against enemies with my own strength.

Unfortunately, this crazy period didn’t last long. After entering the Platinum and Diamond stages, I found that I was unable to guarantee success when facing multiple enemies. Although 1 vs 2 is difficult, I still had a high probability of killing. However, when facing 3 or more opponents with a combined skills’ attack, escape rarely happened due to interference by the control skills, or the opponent’s high DPS. My winning rate dropped. At first, I thought that my operation was not high enough to fit the Diamond stages. I tried more and more flexible and ingenious operation techniques, but they didn’t work at all.

After a long period of thinking and experimenting, my Luna style of play changed from a hero to an assassin. As a hero, I was the first one rushing in a team battle, disrupting and damaging the opponents. As an assassin, I stayed with my teammates and focused on finding the opportunities created by my teammates to assassinate the enemy mage and marksman. The winning rate gradually stabilized, however, my Luna could be an individual hero again.

Mechanical Analysis

An excellent combo can let Luna fight against multiply players alone in a MOBA game

Luna, her skills seem to be able to have almost infinite power and become the eternal core of the team, and then go her own way. However, while Honor of Kings is a MOBA game, Luna is destined to be unable to have that immortal power. She must integrate into the team and cooperate with teammates to continue to shine.

Every gamer who loves hero Luna, when fighting in the Canyon of Kings, may also have the same experience as me. When they encountered the same problem, the previous fighting style was not suitable. they looking for a new method, which is to abandon Individual Heroism and enjoy cooperation. In this process, gamers have learned the necessity of teamwork, and they are likely to apply what they have learned in Honor of Kings to other team-cooperate games and even their lives.

How this overwhelming advantage in the Silver and Gold stages occurs? That’s because Luna’s skills in design gives her a very high entry barrier. If someone wants to operate skill combos fluently, one must have muscle memory. The training of this muscle memory is more efficient in the training area than the competition. As a result, as someone gains muscle memory, there is a high probability that the enemies can’t be alive under the skill combo.

Gaming Experience Follow-up

After that, I chose a more team-based hero Hua Mulan. Her style of play was more suitable for team fights and blackout. I sealed Luna in dust and rarely used it anymore because my period of Individual Heroism had passed away.

Later on, when I come across CSGO, another e-sports game, in my sophomore year. I decisively chose to be an In Game Leader and Support role. I helped my teams with my understanding of tactics and the influential use of grenades. I also enjoyed developing new strategies and taught my teammates how to win the whole game.

Now, I solemnly apply with your company. If I have the opportunity to work in a team, I believe I can handle this.


The detailed instruction for Luna’s Combo(Chinese)


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